Winter Blues: Getting rid of using wellness

Winter Blues

With short days and less sunlight, winter can produce a way of loneliness and sadness known as the winter blues. According to Ayurveda, winter is Vata season, which means it’s cold and dry. However, many Ayurvedic practices support you to bring in feeling joy and stay all winter long. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some ways through which you can get rid of winter blues.

 Perform Meditation

When we hear that meditation is beneficial, it may feel frustrating to you. Ayurveda considers meditation as the “first medicine” because it works on the manas, the mind, which is where most of our problems and diseases start.

Meditation has several forms, but no compulsion for you to follow the standard way of sitting in an austere position to meditate. The all-or-nothing approach keeps many of us avoiding meditation altogether.

Practice Yoga

Daily yoga practice aligns your body according to your specific dosha. Therefore, it can bring you the lifeline to tackle winter blues and stabilize with a positive outlook. If your yoga asanas aggravate Vata dosha or the nervous system, you may find yourself frazzled and exhausted by your practice. Throughout the winter, it’s vital to get internal heat and invigorate the body while not overdoing it.

Avoid Excessively Sleeping

With the cold, dark and uninteresting days that prevail throughout the winter season, you can feel the necessity to sleep throughout the day. Unfortunately, excessive sleeping becomes Kapha-provoking and can solely promote a lot of heaviness, dullness and sluggishness within the body and mind, inflicting depression to extend further. 

Try Nasya Treatment

Nasya Treatment refers to pouring a medicated nasal oil through your nasal cavity. It has proven benefits in treating mental and emotional imbalances. When helping to get rid of winter blues or the other Kapha imbalance within the mind, you should use a more stimulating and aromatic nasal oil containing the herbs like Vacha and Brahmi. These herbs are specific for treating mental imbalances and are beneficial for removing the heavy, dull qualities that penetrate the mind when handling depression. 

Naturoville Wellness Centre in Rishikesh helps manage winter blues through several therapies and sessions under their programs. Also, the scenic view of the Himalayas will bring joy and enthusiasm to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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