Why understanding Body Prakruti in Ayurveda is important?


The prakruti of body is an intricate system of energy and information. It is the vehicle for our consciousness and the medium through which we express our innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Besides, it is a temple, a sacred vessel that houses the soul. The physical form is not something to be taken lightly or abused.

Ayurveda works on this principle of understanding the body as a temple. It has evolved with different cultures adopting it to suit their needs while retaining its core principles intact. There are three main body types in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Based on type, people need different types of food for optimum health.

Vata Prakruti ( Ether or Space and Air)

Vata is a type of body that consists of space and air. People of Vata prakruti have dry skin and thin hair. Vata people often have a fast metabolism and need to eat more food than other body types. They tend to be prone to anxiety and depression due to their fast-paced lifestyle.

People of this prakruti are highly-creative, multitasking and kind-hearted. But they suffer from forgetfulness, insomnia, irregular appetite and poor circulation.

Pitta Prakruti ( Fire and Water)

Pitta is a type of body that consists of fire and water. People of Pitta prakruti have oily skin, thin hair and dark eyes with a sharp gaze. Pitta people are passionate about everything they do, from careers to hobbies. They also tend to be very competitive when it comes to success in life with themselves or others around them.

People of this prakruti are intelligent, purposeful and self-determined. But they are prone to acne, inflammation, mood swings and temperature sensitivity.

Kapha Prakruti ( Water and Earth)

Kapha is a type of body that consists of water and earth. The people of Kapha prakruti are strong, thick-boned, kind and caring. Kapha people are dominant and rarely get upset. They have a deliberate manner with circumstances, and they think before they act.

People of this prakruti are empathetic, caring, trusting and have healthy immune. But they are prone to slow metabolism and sluggishness and need constant encouragement/motivation to move ahead in life.

They will help you with your journey to know your body and prepare a balanced lifestyle to pursue your ideal life, as body types in Ayurveda are how a person responds to food and other substances. The body type gets determined by looking at a person\’s face, hands, feet, and eyes. 

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