Top 7 foods to avoid in Summer to Stay Healthy


The summer is here, and there\’s so much to do and enjoy with your loved ones. But, do you know there\’s a vital role of food making your travel plans a success? When travelling with family, everyone loves to eat tasty food, and there\’s nothing wrong with it. However, a healthy lifestyle requires a sustained lifestyle. 

Importance of Diet in Summer

Summer is the best time for most of us because of vacation and fun-loving activities. And, to keep your enjoyment on, diet plays a vital role. In summers, the temperature is high and increases the risk of dehydration, sunburn, indigestion, vitamin deficiencies, etc. However, many seasonal vegetables and fruits help reduce the harshness of the summer, but we need to take care. Here are some tips and tricks to beat the summer heat.

  • Eat small portions of food rather than the large portion to avoid indigestion.
  • To prevent dehydration, consume more liquid than solids.
  • Avoid eating junk foods as it promotes laziness and bloating.
  • Lessen salt intake to reduce chances of heat and high blood pressure.
  • Minimize eating spicy food as it disbalances your pita doshas in summer
  • Avoiding caffeinated drinks and beverages and alcohol can reduce heat levels in the body.

Let\’s discuss some eating habits that need restriction to maintain healthy living. 

Top 7 Foods to Avoid in Summers

  1. Non-Vegetarian Food: Eating fleshy foods like mutton, chicken, and beef in summer can generate excessive heat in your body. Also, non-vegetarian food gets easily contaminated in heat if not stored properly. Consuming contaminated meat products can lead to food poisoning.
  2. Tandoori Food: Grilling is a trend maker at parties. However, grill foods mixed with spices can cause gastric problems in the summer heat. Further, the charred tandoori can irritate the inner lining of the stomach.
  3. Fried and Junk Foods: Do you love to have French fries or fried chicken? Eating fried food during this season can lead to indigestion because it gets difficult to digest them. Also, it makes your digestive mechanism sluggish, which can impact your overall health.
  4. Processed Foods: Foods processed and packed can cause severe health problems and dehydration due to high salt levels, preservatives and artificial flavours.
  5. Sugary Drinks: Consuming aerated sugar drinks and juices can lead to a high intake of sugar levels, a rise in cholesterol levels, and dehydration, which affect your heart and kidney.
  6. Tea and Coffee: For all Chai lovers, tea also contains a high amount of caffeine, similar to coffee. Consuming tea or coffee can increase heat levels in the body and promotes a lack of sleep or insomnia.
  7. Ice creams: You must be wondering, what is ice-cream doing here? Ice Creams are cold to consume, but they are warm for our stomachs after minutes of consumption. 


With summer comes excessive heat. It gets difficult to concentrate and sleep and causes irritability with physical exhaustion. During this season, people with chronic problems are at high risk of falling ill. Avoiding things that are not good for your health and maintaining strictness in your diet can help beat summer health problems. 

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