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Naturoville Wellness
  • Very good property and best experience

    Teeka Ram Avatar Teeka Ram

    Better experience😊

    manoj barthwal Avatar manoj barthwal

    Good experience

    Devika Rajput Avatar Devika Rajput

    Nice place 😍

    Kiran Rana Avatar Kiran Rana

    I had the most wonderful time at Naturoville Ayurveda Center! Let me start by talking about the food. It was absolutely delicious! They served a variety of dishes, and each... read more

    narendra singh Avatar narendra singh

    Good place

    vinay pandit Avatar vinay pandit

    My recent visit to Naturoville was full of green moments.The resort is very green with so many birds chirping and the lush green space make you feel like you are... read more

    Aman Rana Avatar Aman Rana

    Naturoville Ayurveda Center provided an exceptional 15-day retreat! From the serene surroundings to the expertly crafted Ayurvedic treatments, it was a rejuvenating experience. The staff was attentive and friendly, ensuring... read more

    Ruk Nain Avatar Ruk Nain

    It was a great place

    Arpit Arora Avatar Arpit Arora
  • As per name, feel good with the touch of nature....

    Rinku Singh Bassi Avatar Rinku Singh Bassi

    Very good place

    Prashant Rawat Avatar Prashant Rawat

    Beautiful place. Must visit for Ayurveda therapy.

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    prabhat negi Avatar prabhat negi

    Awesome rooms! The amenities were also good. The staff were also kind. Just the problem was of the location, it is away from all tourist attractions.

    Abhishek Verma Avatar Abhishek Verma

    Good property

    Siddharth sharma Avatar Siddharth sharma

    Beautiful setting, good food and therapies that are effective

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1
    Sharayu Gaikwad Avatar Sharayu Gaikwad

    I highly recommend this Ayurvedic Centre to anyone interested in exploring the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The staff were knowledgeable and professional, the treatments were effective and relaxing, and the... read more

    Digvijay Mehra Avatar Digvijay Mehra

    Good restaurants

    The professional solution Providers Avatar The professional solution Providers

    Great 👍

  • I am Shailja Devi(Khaitan) who has been visiting Naturoville in 2020 for 38 days & revisited again for 51 days 10th November till 30th December. I am indebted to Dr... read more

    Shailja Devi Avatar Shailja Devi

    Gud for ayurveda treat,

    SanJay S Pandey Avatar SanJay S Pandey

    Naturoville is beautifully silent and attractive. I love the location of the center and therapies are refreshing and relaxing. Best place to be in for spiritual experience.

    Amit Chauhan Avatar Amit Chauhan

    What's better than refreshing your soul in the beautiful scenery of Himalayas. I really feel refreshing now. It was worthy!

    Christin Thomas Avatar Christin Thomas

    Good Food, Great Ambience, Equally Great Staff! Enjoyed a lot. 👍🏻

    Dr Sanjeev Kumar Avatar Dr Sanjeev Kumar

    No words to express gratitude to a wonderful, well managed team of professionals spreading lovely vibes and happiness with their endeared service. The place is full of greenery and you... read more


    This place is no less than heaven. It was a great experience to be here in the lushful greenery of the himalayas. Every moment was magical. People and staff are... read more

    Amrutha K Avatar Amrutha K

    Place is good for naturopathy treatment and detoxification of body. Very pleasant stay. Away from city crowd.

    Anupam Sharma Avatar Anupam Sharma

    What an amazing experience it was at Naturoville. I had a great time learning yoga, the teachers are well learnt and highly professional with their way of teaching. Recommended!

    Sita Devi Avatar Sita Devi
  • I have been feeling amazing since I have come here. This place has the perfect location at the foothills of himalayas. The climate is great, people are great and their... read more

    Hafeez P Avatar Hafeez P

    Such a lovely holistic retreat. In love with the ambience of this place. Feels like I should stay forever. The staff is really friendly and the service is top class.... read more

    pardeep chahal Avatar pardeep chahal

    Location is good. One can find complete relax and peace without any doubt.

    pankaj Ruhela Avatar pankaj Ruhela

    The whole experience was excellent! Wonderful atmosphere, very welcoming and calm.

    Abhinav Ruhela Avatar Abhinav Ruhela

    Really a great place with a magnificent view of the Himalayas. Love the environment and the vibe.

    Gurmit #Jakhar Avatar Gurmit #Jakhar

    The place is beautiful and the atmosphere is rejuvenating. Lush greens and calm surroundings. Locations of the place is really tempting. Staff is highly professional and friendly. Recommended

    anubhav rana Avatar anubhav rana

    This place is full of calmness of the nature. I can feel my entire body relaxed. Definitely recommend this place!

    sachin bhati Avatar sachin bhati

    Peaceful and Relaxed life with lots of greenery around with spa and other therapies. Loved it!!!

    Abdul Hafeez P Avatar Abdul Hafeez P

    Experience was unexpected and wonderful❤️❤️❤️ Satisfied

    Sandesh Lamsal Avatar Sandesh Lamsal

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