Pitta Dosha: Need for Balancing in Summer

Summer comes with long days filled with sunshine and warmth, but as the days get hotter, it also affects our daily activities. With the increase of heat around us, our bodies also tend to lose their balance during this season. The imbalance of pitta dosha is the major problem during this season. It creates issues such as irritation, nausea, and headaches.

In Ayurveda, pitta dosha is one of the three doshas found in the body.

 Pitta is the heat energy produced by our body during the process of digestion. The heat is high in Summer, and balancing the heat inside our body is vital. With the balance of pitta in our bodies, we can fully enjoy our summer days.


Keep yourself hydrated

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated during the summer. With increasing heat, we tend to lose a lot of water from our bodies due to sweating, so we need to replenish this loss by drinking at least six to eight glasses of water and different cooling beverages. These will help regulate body temperature and affect our overall mood.

Avoid the sun during its peak time.

Avoid going outside during the peak time of the day. If you need to spend time outdoors, wear loose and comfortable clothes of reflective colors and cover your head with wide-brimmed hats.

Avoid eating hot and spicy food.

Eating hot or spicy foods tends to increase pitta aggravation in our body. So, instead of eating foods that might be hot oily, or spicy, try eating foods that taste sweet, bitter, and astringent. These tastes help in pacifying pitta. Food such as curd, milk, melons, pears, and cucumber is best for beating the heat.

Avoid exercising during high noon.

Exercising during the day is a big no during the summer, so instead of noon, try to exercise early morning or late evening. As exercise tends to increase body heat, try not to do strenuous or excessive exercise. Asanas such as Shavasana help in balancing pitta in the body.

Control your breathing

If you feel impatient or lose your temper, try doing pranayamas such as Sheetali or Chandrabedi pranayama. These pranayamas tend to have a cooling effect on the body and help cool down your nerves.

Balancing the doshas during summer is essential for your body. Changes in your diet and daily routine will help you fully enjoy your summer days and work efficiently despite the heat. 

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