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Restoring Inner Balance: Effective Depression Care for stable Future

Mental peace can get affected due to increasing emotional trauma, day-to-day stress, anxiety, depression and more. Several people across the globe are suffering from mental issues and lack coping with them. At Naturoville, we have discovered the relation between our mind and body stability. Our department of Depression and Stress management has a wide range of equipment for empowering our guests’ bodies and minds. These types of equipment address the imbalance of body energies and boost mental wellbeing.

The modern-day lifestyle has led to a hipe in people with mental health issues. Over 350 million people from all age groups suffer from depression or stress-related disorders. Depression is a series of mental illnesses accompanied by various symptoms. The sudden rise or downfall of emotions, insomnia, persistent fear and lack of interest are the most common symptoms of depression and can lead to chronic diseases. 

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Breaking the Silence

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Ayurveda underlines imbalances in our Tridoshas as one of the reasons for stress levels and depression. Imbalance in Vata (dosha) can lead to mental instability, fear and insomnia problems; Kapha (dosha) and Pitta (dosha) imbalances give rise to lethargy, depression and irritation. By finding our dosha type and eradicating the inequalities, we can significantly improve our stress levels and depression from our routine. 

In Ayurveda, several therapies and sessions work towards cleaning the body and system from stress and depression to elevate our health status. Also, it focuses on all aspects behind our stress levels and inherently applies multiple treatments to remove the root cause, thus giving a long-lasting and harmless result.

At Naturoville, the depression and stress programs ensure a healthy boost to our body and nervous system. Hence, this results in significant growth in mental health. Our experts select various combinations of therapies and activities for our guests. All of this gets scheduled according to stay duration and offers a perfect relaxing environment to our guests. Therefore, helping our guests to feel refreshed and strong to cope with stress levels back home.

The tranquil environment provided by the Himalayas around the pristine natural beauty helps to perfectly boost your senses and enhance the effect of our treatment.

According to Ayurveda, stress management cause Ojas, i.e., loss of immunity which increases the chances for the human body to adapt to more diseases. In Ayurveda, we use oil therapies to calm your mind by pacifying air and fire.

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