Delhi Smog and Ayurveda

Diwali festival of light is coming to a grand celebration among Indians, the entire custom of home cleaning to decorations, cooking sweets, lightening diyas and firing crackers which brings immense pleasure and happiness. However, it brings a lot of air pollution, and respiratory issues, especially in metropolitan cities.
Therefore, this Diwali, let’s initiate to celebrate the festival green and clean plus, including a few Ayurveda tips to reduce pollution effects on our body no matter how much we stay away from pollution it simply is everywhere.
Here are some simple health objectives or steps to fight environmental pollution. And it should start with you to improve the air quality at home, improve your immunity and purify the air.

Try growing house plants that take in toxins from the air and purify the air. Here are some examples like Bamboo, Erica palm, peace lily and money plants. Also, you can even use Charcoal bags which can be prepared and hung inside the rooms. Charcoal is an excellent absorbent that helps reduce particulate matter and other pollutants.

Neem: excellent herb to detoxify pollutants from the body.
Taking a shower of boiled water with neem leaves helps to detoxify skin and hair. Having 2-3 leaves two to three times a week can purify your blood and lymphatic tissue.
Tulsi: helps in absorbing pollution.
10-15 ml of tulsi juice can remove pollutants from the respiratory tract.


A diet rich in antioxidants and proper Vitamins would do the trick. A balanced diet for improving immunity must include these essentials as follows:-

  • Vitamin C: carrots, kiwi, amla, guava, lemon, berries, tomato, and apples
  • Vitamin E:  found in almonds, basil or cloves.
  • Beta Carotene: lettuce, coriander, fenugreek and spinach
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: found in walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and clarified butter or ghee
  • Triphala: a combination of 3 ayurvedic herbs that rejuvenates the human body and negates the effects of pollution. Clears respiratory tract, sinus and increases body immunity. Take 1 tsp at night with honey daily.

Home remedies to Follow/DIY

  • Boil a glass of water and add 5-6 leaves of Tulsi with grated ginger (one inch) and a small piece of crushed Gur (jaggery) to it. Consume the mixture warm. This concoction will help boost your immunity.
  • A glass of water boiled with Tulsi leaves, salt, lemon, and honey can help clear your congestion and thus allow you to breathe better.
  • Haldi milk is beneficial for kids and adults alike.-To prepare Haldi milk, take a glass of milk and add a few drops of ghee, a small piece of ginger, black cardamom, Tulsi leaves, one clove and a pinch of Haldi in it. Boil for 4-5 minutes, and then turn off the flame to add honey. Consume it warm.

Lastly, try consuming home-cooked food as it is cleaner, healthier and tastier. For your well-being, diet plays a vital role.
Eating right will keep our lungs healthy. Our heart is healthy and keep us from falling sick due to the constant abuse of Mother Nature in the hands of us humans.

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