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What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing your attention and clearing your mind. We practised meditation for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. In recent years, meditation has gained popularity in the West as more and more people keep realizing its benefits. Reduces stress One of the most significant benefits of meditation …

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Back Pain: natural Remedies

Back Pain: Natural Home Remedies

Expertise in delicate, discomfort or unhealthful back pain that will not allow you to sleep, work or carry significant weights? Any back pain is annoying, and a few folks are fighting back pain for an extended time. However, not has to anymore. Various reasons will cause back pain. Maybe you had a hard fall, and …

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5 Proven Benefits of Meditation

Have you ever wondered about an exercise that makes you calm, happy and more creative? Well, such practices do exist. One of them is meditation. Since childhood, we have heard from our elders that meditation is good for you, but how?  In this modern era, everyone is busy with tight schedules having no time for …

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Delhi Smog and Ayurveda

Diwali festival of light is coming to a grand celebration among Indians, the entire custom of home cleaning to decorations, cooking sweets, lightening diyas and firing crackers which brings immense pleasure and happiness. However, it brings a lot of air pollution, and respiratory issues, especially in metropolitan cities. Therefore, this Diwali, let’s initiate to celebrate …

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