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Amrita: Wellness Center in Rishikesh

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science scripture that falls under Atharva Veda. It has its traces long way back to 5000 years. The roots of Ayurveda may belong to India, but the modern era refers to it as a ‘lost’ science. However, Ayurveda has gained popularity as an alternate form of medical treatment. The transfer of ayurvedic knowledge went on through oral and written traditions. Further, Ayurveda has its mentioned in Tibetan, Chinese and Greek traditional medicine science as the ‘Mother of all medicines.’ 

Ayurveda means the ‘Science of Life‘ and focuses on a holistic approach to the human body. The philosophy of Ayurveda strives to achieve this by striking a balance between the physical and spiritual energies of the mind, body, and soul. It addresses the nature of the modern lifestyle, mindsets, routine habits, and diets that cause an upset in our otherwise carefully crafted human bodies gifted to us by nature.

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Experience the Healing Power of Ayurveda

Naturoville Wellness

At Amrita of Naturoville Ayurveda Center, rejuvenate yourself and infuse new energy into your spirit. Situated in the green landscape of our Retreat in Rishikesh, Amrita provides our guests with an exciting range of premium treatments that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Every day at Amrita offers our guests an opportunity to indulge in fresh, new exhilarating experiences that will replenish the body and elevate the soul. Experience a different world, surrounded by nature, at the doorstep of Haridwar, one of the holiest cities of India that promises to enhance your spiritual experience.

Ayurveda demands and allows only for a comprehensive approach to the body, targeting stress, skin, weight gain & loss, detoxification, nutrient & hormone revival, chronic ailments, and their symptoms, among others.

The Wellness Centre of Naturoville has sprawled out as a comfortable and spacious centre of about 30,000 sq. ft. It is modern and tranquil as per the architectural perspective. The centre consists of 48 rooms with independent Mud & Ozone Treatment spaces. Our guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the benefits of the Sauna, Steam, and Jacuzzi that include shading treatments. See for yourself all Naturoville has to offer!

Why Choose our Ayurveda Treatment?

Naturoville Wellness

Authentic Ayurveda

Our Ayurveda Center in Rishikesh follows traditional Ayurvedic principles and uses genuine Ayurvedic herbs, oils, and techniques to ensure the highest quality of treatments


Experienced Practitioners

Our team of experienced and qualified Ayurvedic practitioners and therapists are well-versed in the ancient art of Ayurveda and provide expert care and personalized attention to each individual.


Tranquil Setting

Our center is located in the serene and spiritual city of Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, providing a peaceful environment for your healing journey.


Customized Treatments

We believe in the individuality of each person, and our treatments are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach to your health and wellness goals.


Holistic Approach

We believe in addressing the root cause of health issues rather than just managing symptoms, and our treatments focus on promoting balance and harmony in the mind, body, and spirit.


Enhanced Well-being

Our Ayurvedic treatments not only help in managing health conditions but also promote well-being, including improved digestion, better sleep, increased energy levels, and enhanced mental clarity.

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