Ayurveda Regimens to Treat your Body in Winter

Natural Regimens to treat your body in Winter

When talking about Ayurveda according to seasonal changes, then it is Ritucharya. Ritucharya consists of do\’s and don\’t, or we can say regimens related to health, diet and lifestyle. Seasons affect human psychology in various ways that we cannot imagine. If we are irresistible to adapt to seasonal habits, our body tends to get seasonal disorders or diseases. 

Hemanta Ritu, the winter season, takes place in the Margashirsa and Pushya. It is the time between mid-November to mid-January. The atmospheric temperature is more relaxed in winter than in summer. Because of it, the bodily Vata ignites the digestive fire enhancing our appetite. However, if not treated right, Vata can affect our bodies. Therefore, we must adapt different ways to treat our bodies during winter. Here in this blog, we will discuss several ways to treat our body in winter using Nature and Ayurveda.

Diet Regimen/ Ahara in Winter

  • Try consuming a heavy, sweet, sour and salty nutritive diet
  • Daily consumption of milk and other dairies product
  • Intake of seasonal fruits and dry fruits
  • Consuming items like jaggery is beneficial
  • Drink lukewarm or hot water to avoid dryness and itchiness of the skin
  • Consume rice

Lifestyle Regimen/ Vihara

  • Performing yoga can help in reducing accumulated Kapha in the body.
  • Avoid early morning walks to exposure to direct cold, causing dry skin.
  • Take regular body massages using oil to improve blood circulation.
  • To enhance the body\’s prakruti, take steam baths.
  • Avoid day sleep to put on more weight.
  • Too much exposure to the sun can cause skin damage. 
  • Dandruff is common in winter. Try massaging your scalp with herbal oil a few hours before the bath.
  • Reside in a warm cosy place and wear proper winter clothes to keep your skin healthy.

Important Diet and Lifestyle Tips

  • Teas mixed with ginger, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper help in igniting the Vata of the body, improving digestion 
  • In winter, taking nutrition food helps in building strong immunity as the process of digestion is high
  • Vegetables with warm effects (Taseer) are beneficial. These vegetables are carrots, reddish and root vegetables, etc.
  • Milk with a pinch of turmeric can keep your body warm and away from getting diseased.
  •  Self-massaging the body with oil can help to treat dry skin and other skin problems.

Winter season has knocked on our doors, and it\’s time to take our health seriously to avoid getting ill. When talking about winter, it has the worst impression considering health, winter blues, depression and joint pains. In Naturoville, we provide various health sessions and therapies to help your body gain consciousness of its environment. It helps to deal with seasonal health hazards adequately. 

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