5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Monsoon

monsoon tips

Monsoon has arrived, and with such a beautiful environment with the earthy smell of raindrops comes relief from the blistering heat of the summer. However, you cannot get carried away easily with this season as several health problems also arrive like malaria, jaundice, typhoid etc. 

We will discuss some health tips for the monsoon season to keep your family and loved ones healthy. 

Drink clean water

During the rainy season, stomach aches and infections are common due to contaminated water. Therefore, boiling water before drinking or using a water filter at home and in the workplace is advisable. However, in case of travelling, you can buy mineral water bottles to consume clean water. 

Consume Probiotics and Fresh Vegetables

To avoid getting diseased or sick, ensure that your gut remains happy always. For doing so, you can consume probiotics like yoghurt, curd, etc. Also, avoid cooking and storing extra food. Stored food can get contaminated with bacteria because the atmosphere has high bacteria and viruses. You can include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet containing high protein and fibre. 

Use insect repellants 

During the monsoon season, water gets collected at many places giving open grounds to mosquitoes for breeding. Therefore, to avoid diseases like malaria and dengue, use mosquito repellants and cover yourself as much as possible. Further, avoid getting into water puddles and less sanitized areas. 

Avoid Street Food

Street Food gets constantly exposed to humidity, pollution and contamination. Because of this, it is easy for harmful bacteria and other infecting agents to spoil the food. Further, consuming this contaminated food can cause a loss of enzyme activity in the body. Fizzy drinks increase the cholesterol level of the body. Thus, avoid them every time. 

Shower twice a day

Getting out in the rain can result in damp hair and clothes, which can cause bacteria growth and other infections. Therefore, taking a shower twice can keep you from getting diseased. Also, it will help you get rid of body sweat and dirt after work to relax. 

During this season, people with chronic problems are at high risk of falling ill. Avoiding things that are not good for your health and maintaining strictness in your diet can help beat monsoon health problems. 

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